From the album Night Roads EP


woke up this morning with my head ringing
i must've had a long night again
its a never endin battle, running up hill, but i'm fightin
if i could just let go i might win

cause ever since she left me out in the cold, i've been freezing
my open heart to the world thats left bleedin
she used to see something in me but now she don't see it
lord i know she's gone but i can't believe it

what about the long nights, the long drives
the late nights on the phone
we talked about forever, but forevers up and gone
what about your momma that said you were crazy for leavin
now its me and this bottle.... sittin here all alone

tried to get some sleep but my mind is racing
its like a bad dream when all you wanna do is wake up
and feel your touch on my skin
see your pretty head on the pillow, all i wanna do is wake up