From the album Night Roads EP


Manny was a drunk was a good friend of mine
His wife got mad, kicked him out, so he came to my house
I could tell by his eyes he was high was hell on cocaine

He said she was stayin' out late night
Came home without her ring and it started a fight
Said she couldn't go on loving him while he was drunk all the time

He said "I've been lovin' this bottle for a long time,
it fits in my hand, it never talks back pressed against my lips,
and it understands, it never asks where I'm going or where I've been
I'm Manny, the drinkin' man"

Manny stayed sober for about six hour
he started thinking clear then he lit one up and thought he fell in love
wanted her so bad drove him insane, his mistress was mary jane

she served him some papers with some big bold letters that spelled divorce
he said i got all i want the rest is yours

r. chorus

light one up tip one back, tall boy brown paper sack