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  1. This Time

From the album Night Roads EP


baby put out that cigarette, come back to bed
you know i didn't mean those words that flew off the top of my head
sometimes i get so angry, i just wanna leave
punch a hole through the wall, and have a drink
baby i know you're tired, mornin's almost here
why don't you climb into these covers, lets disappear

maybe we could start over
maybe we could try again
I know I've said it a thousand times
but things will get better... this time

baby won't you turn around, come back home
i can't stand the thought of sleeping alone
theres no other girl in this whole world that does what you do to me
you connect all the dots in my life and make it as good as it can be
baby i know you're jealous of other women
but your love is the only love i wanna be in

repeat bridge

oh this time its gonna work, i know your friends don't believe it
we'll get along better and i'll quit drinkin.. this time

baby unpack that suitcase, put em in the closet
this time i really lost it
theres broken glass on the shelf, broken heart in my chest
if you stay this time i'll give you my best
baby i know you love me and you don't wanna leave
you need a better man that can love you, someone better than me