From the album Night Roads EP


i know you love me but you can't be happy
while i'm out on the road and you're home all alone
and talkin's just talkin'
when i can't touch you on the phone

if i was a different man i'd sacrafice this crazy dream
it ain't all it's cracked up to be but i love it

are you making me choose between the dream and the girl?
that woman she loves me more than the world
well this dream that i've been chasin'
all the hard work and the tears
empty bars and empty beers
i've paid my dues.. are you makin' me, makin' me choose?

another honky tonk, another small town dive
well i'm out on the road, just me and the boys tonight
raisin' some hell and makin' some noise
all across Illinois

its like the demon and the devil
every day is a constant battle
don't wanna keep you waitin'
while i'm searchin' for, searchin for salvation..